The MASC Executive Board eagerly announces a rotation schedule for future MASC State Conferences. With regard to rotating the conference through the six districts and alternating the conference from east to west, the following rotation schedule was adopted in the spring of 2011:

MASC 2011

District V


MASC 2012

District III


MASC 2013

District VI


MASC 2014

District I


MASC 2015

District IV


MASC 2016

District II


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LEAD Conferences are for Student Council and Honor Society students and advisors in middle level and high schools.  The 3-day conferences offer leadership training for students and professional development of advisors.  LEAD Conference attendees return to school with renewed energy, excitement, and enthusiasm, and bring new skills and ideas back to share with their fellow students and staff members.  Make plans now to attend the LEAD Conference in ALBUQUERQUE, NEW MEXICO ON NOVEMBER 11-13, 2011. For more information, go to  


Horatio Alger-NASC Scholarship Applications Now Available

The Horatio Alger Association has designated one of their scholarships to be awarded to a student leader whose school is both an NASC member and a member of the state student council organization. Applications should be submitted online no later than October 30, 2011. Applicants must meet the Horatio Alger Foundation scholarship criteria to be eligible and must demonstrate integrity, perseverance in overcoming adversity, strength of character, financial need, a good academic record, commitment to pursue a college education, and a desire to contribute to society. Please share this information with your Guidance Department and student leaders who you feel may qualify for this outstanding scholarship opportunity.

H. A. Website

* The NASC scholarship requires answering additional questions specific to student leadership. On the application, look for the question "How do I know about this scholarship?" In the drop menu, you must click on "NASC" and then answer all of the student leader questions.


2011 National Conference on Student Activities

Presented by NAWD
Hosted by the Utah Association of Student Councils
University Park Marriott
Salt Lake City, Utah

Dec. 2-4, 2011

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Each year, the Montana Association of Student Councils recognizes an administrator in Montana who shows exceptional support and commitment to the student council and student activities in his or her school. This individual is one who values student voice and participation in his or her school and who supports the development of student leaders in his or her school.

The MASC Executive Board voted to change the timeline for nominating administrators for Administrator of the Year.  The new process will be explained in detail at the state conference but involves taking nominations during the District Meetings at the state conference.  If schools have an administrator they would like to nominate for this recognition, they should come prepared to nominate the individual at the state conference. The necessary paperwork will be distributed at the district meetings.

If a school would like to nominate its administrator for Administrator of the Year, but is unable to attend the state conference, a representative of the school should contact Jane Suberg for nomination information.

            Jane Suberg, MASC Executive Director
            Highwood School
            406-733-2671 (fax)
            jsuberg @ highwood.k12.mt.us


Each year, the Montana Association of Student Councils recognizes a high school and middle level student council advisor with the MASC Advisor of the Year Award. The award is given to advisors who demonstrate exemplary character, leadership, and commitment to the development of young people as student leaders. Those selected as District Advisors of the Year are advanced to state level competition and are recognized at the annual state conference in October. The MASC Executive Board makes the final selection of the state advisors of the year, and the awards are presented at the state conference. The MASC Advisors of the Year advance to the national level competition.

Eligibility for the advisor of the year is based on the following guidelines:


If the district so chooses, it may elect a non-MASC advisor as their Advisor of the Year. If so, the elected advisor will not be able to compete for MASC Advisor of the Year or NASC Advisor of the Year. Being a non-member, he/she will not be recognized at the annual conference.
District Advisors of the Year who are MASC members at the time of election and during the next calendar year, must fill out the official paperwork for the NASC Advisor of the Year. If that person is not affiliated with NASC (and has not been for the previous two years), he/she can be named MASC Advisor of the Year, but cannot vie for the national position.
District Advisors of the Year must fill out the Warren E. Shull application by the deadline set by the Executive Director. Applications will be supplied by their District Advisors or the Executive Director.


All completed applications will be duplicated for screening by the MASC Executive Board at the fall meeting.
Each qualified nominee at the district level will be recognized at the awards session of the fall conference.
One high school and one middle school advisor will be chosen by the MASC Executive Board to be MASC Advisors of the Year and recognized at the fall conference.
If the state winners meet the national criteria, their applications will be sent on for regional and national competition. State and regional winners will be recognized at the NASC Conference.
An advisor chosen as the MASC Adviser of the Year may not be the recipient of the award again for five years.

Middle Level

High School Level